sidearm club

The Sidearm Club

The preferred Sidearm for the majority of amateur players. Now capable of a larger range of speeds, the Sidearm Club is now the weapon of choice for a wide range of players

Easier To Master, Fun To Use

Build your confidence and get your body moving as you would in a game situation


30 – 65 MPH


For Village & 2nd / 3rd XI Club Players


Improved Plastic For Fast Speeds


Still Easy To Master

A Great Entry-Level Sidearm

Finally, The Sidearm Club has come into its own! Changes in the material mean that the Sidearm Club is now the preferred Sidearm for the majority of amateur players.

Quicker than ever before but still easy to use and capable of throwing accurate slow deliveries, the Sidearm Club offers outstanding batting practice for players who spend their weekends at the crease playing for the local village team or in the local leagues.

It’s our most versatile Sidearm to date, still capable of slow ‘flick of the wrist’ throw-downs, but now comfortable producing medium-fast swinging and seaming deliveries too.

sidearm club

See the Sidearm in Action


"The Sidearm Pro is the only way to replicate 1st Class deliveries on a regular basis. Used normally it can create speeds up to 80mph. Turn it around to produce a slower ball & used for fielding practice it's as consistent as you can get whether throwing high catches, flat catches or fast balls along the floor."

Alastair Brown

"At Worcestershire CCC we have been using the sidearms for a few years now and the latest models are reliable, durable and have excellent performance levels. Without them the players would not get appropriate speed to practice as they should in preparation for First Class Cricket. I would be lost without one!"

Steve Rhodes, Worcestershire CCC

uk flag Proudly Made in Britain

Sidearm is the invention of club cricketer Frank Thorogood after watching his customers practice in his cricket centre in Writtle, Essex

Still family-owned, Frank’s idea is now a standard piece of cricketers’ bags around the world