How to Use The Sidearm

Sidearm allows one person to provide accurate, swinging and seaming deliveries with no effort



Sidearm offers high quality batting practice, allowing one person to provide a batsman with quick, accurate, swinging and seaming deliveries with little effort.

Replicating all the rhythms and trajectories of a real bowler, Sidearm give the most effective batting practice possible.

As used by Paul Grayson, the Sidearm is the most important improvement to batting practice in a generation. Pace, bounce, swing and seam can easily be generated from the full length of the pitch. One person can throw to another for hours on end!

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8 Steps to Improve Your Game With Sidearm


Use Sidearm to create a challenging practice session


Take your time between deliveries – are you concentrating for each one?


Use the Sidearm to practise batting, not just shotmaking


Your coach is the bowler – how can you score off him, how might he get you out?


Use the Sidearm to sharpen your decision making; forward or back, play or leave, defend or attack


Get in the run-making mentality – don’t let the coach get you out


Use Sidearm sessions to know your own strenghts and weaknesses better


Remember: If you don’t practice, someone else will

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Sidearm is the invention of club cricketer Frank Thorogood after watching his customers practice in his cricket centre in Writtle, Essex

Still family-owned, Frank’s idea is now a standard piece of cricketers’ bags around the world